Base Oils SN650

Base Oils SN650

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Product description

Mineral base oils are intended for the most commercial lubricants production. They are produced from the vacuum distillates and residual components using the traditional refining methods (selective treatment, dewaxing, further deresination for the residual component).


  • high oxidation stability
  • good susceptibility to the additives
  • low sulfur content
  • excellent viscosity-temperature characteristics

Typical properties

Kinematic viscosity at 100 0С, mm2/s 14,2
Viscosity index 89
Flash point COC, 0С 251
Pour point, 0С -15
Total Acid number, mg KOH/g 0,0058
Ash, % 0,005
Sulfur content, % 0,43
Evaporation Loss, % 5,1/td>
Density, at 15 0С, g/sm3 0,883
Color 4