Base Oils SN80

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Product description

High viscosity index base oils for production of most commercial lubricant oils. Manufactured from vacuum distillates, with further finishing hydroskimming process.


  • high oxidation stability
  • good susceptibility to the additives
  • low sulfur content
  • excellent viscosity-temperature characteristics

Typical properties

Kinematic viscosity at 100 0С, mm2/s 3,1
Viscosity index 90
Flash point COC, 0С 180
Pour point, 0С -15
Total Acid number, mg KOH/g 0,005
Ash, % 0,005
Sulfur content, % 0,1
Evaporation Loss, % 48
Density, at 15 0С, g/sm3 0,856
Color 0.5


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